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Bloodline: Inanna

Inanna is a daughter of Malkav and Goddess of Uruk and Ninive. Reverence for Inanna is widespread in all the cities of the Fertile Crescent in the second millennium before Christ.

When Inanna created her first daughter, the blood bond between them was stronger than any other blood bond previously known. They were like one person, living in separate bodies. It was the same for all daughters of Inanna. For all purposes, they all were Inanna. This afforded them their own discipline which they called One-Mind. Sadly, it also made them vulnerable to what each of their sisters suffered. This eventually led to the extinction of the bloodline.


Love Goddess(es)


All Inannas are female and outstandingly beautiful. They are very open as to their sexuality and are well-known for their voracious appetite when it comes to men. All rumors of cannibalism are of course false.


As all Gods of the Cities the Inannas live in their temples. There they receive sacrifices and lovers alike.


Inanna chooses her progeny well. She takes only the most beautiful young women, most were her priestesses in life. As it is customary for all women in the country to spend their first sexual experience with a stranger in one of Inanna's temple, the Goddess sees all of the possible candidates.

Clan Disciplines

Auspex, Obfuscate, One-Mind


The Malkavian origin of the bloodline calls for a derangement, which invariably is the antithesis of a split personality. All Inannas believe to be one. This is their strength, but also their weakness. When an Inanna of 5th generation is hurt in any way, all other Inannas of the same generation suffer half of the damage she suffers. The 4th generation founder of the bloodline suffers a quarter of that damage. Yes, you can eradicate the bloodline, if you kill four Inannas at the same time, but they usually are wide and far between. In addition, if you destroy the 4th generation Inanna, all her daughters will perish in flames at the same time. In future times, when 5th generation Inannas are allowed to procreate, these flaws will be perpetuated down the line.

Discipline One-Mind
* Sister Eyes

This level allows each Inanna to access the sensory information of any other Inanna. She then sees and hears what the other Inanna at this time sees and hears. This information includes all natural senses.
System: Roll Perception + Empathy against a difficulty of 4. Duration is for as long a concentration is kept up.

** Shared Knowledge

This level gives each Inanna access to everything any other Inanna knows. This includes only theoretical information, not any practical skills.
System: Roll Wits+Empathy against a difficulty of 4. Access to the other Inanna's memory is instant and can be kept up as long as the accessing Inanna concentrates.

*** Mirror Self

This level allows an Inanna to project her thoughts, memories and perceptions to any or all other Inannas.
System: as above. this level is an active version of the more passive first and second.

**** Access Disciplines

This powerful level allows each Inanna to access all levels of Disciplines any other Inanna has. If one Inanna learns for example the Discipline of Chimerstry, all other Inannas can access her skill in this discipline, should the need arise. Inannas may also use levels their generation does not allow them to use in this manner, so this levels includes everything the founder of the bloodline is able to do.
System: Roll Intelligence + Empathy first. Difficulty is the level of target Discipline the Inanna is trying to implement, at least 4. If the level of target discipline in question does also entail a roll, this has to be done as well. Any cost for the target discipline has to be paid.

***** Conference

By combining the thoughts of all Inannas at once, one Inanna using this level may act as a nexus of all Inannas' attention. All Inannas will shift their attention to this Inanna and help her with her problem if at all possible. Note that this level is usually only used by the bloodline founder, except in dire need.
System: Roll Manipulation + Empathy against a difficulty of 7. The effect lasts for one scene. If less than three successes are rolled, not all of the Inannas answer. The cost is one point of Willpower.

***** * Divine Wisdom

Expanding on the concept of level 5, this allows for all Inannas to pool their perceptions, knowledge and intelligence to interpolate future events. This is not true precognition, but it works well when predicting political decisions. There is a strong connection between the Inannas and the mortal rulers (who are undergoing a ceremonial wedding with Inanna in almost every city upon coronation), so they know most of the important trends.
System: The initializing Inanna rolls Manipulation+Empathy against a difficulty of 8. Less than three successes mean minor flaws in her assessment of a given situation, while a botch results in a complete misunderstanding. The cost is one point of Willpower.

***** ** Refine Blood

Any Inanna may use this level of the discipline to give her blood the potency of the blood of the line's founder (4th generation). Theoretically this could be used for creating further 5th generation Inannas, but this usage is anathema.
Actually the potency gained is that of the sire, but for the moment this is equal to the line's founder.
System: No roll is necessary, but the expenditure of three points of Willpower is. The duration lasts for one scene.

***** *** Flee Destruction

This level allows an Inanna to escape from her destruction into a new body. First, she sends her soul to her sire, usually the founder of the bloodline. The sire must then embrace a new human vessel for this soul within minutes. The soul of the fled Inanna takes over this new body and retains all her Talents, Skills and Knowledges, although some backgrounds may be lost and others won. The mind and soul of the victim are completely eradicated. Any damage done to the old body after departure of the soul will not harm the other Inannas.
This level only works in conjunction with the actual sire. Note that the destruction of the sire kills all progeny, so the sire of a given Inanna will always exist. But if she is in Torpor or does not find a suitable body, the transfer of the soul will most probably be too late and the soul will perish (which in turn kills her progeny and harms all siblings).
In addition, the founder of the bloodline herself may not use this power.
System: No roll is necessary, but the soul transfer is final. The body left behind immediately bursts into flames. In future times, shortly before the fall of the bloodline, this will be used as a convenient means of travel.

***** **** Body Swap

With this power, an Inanna may swap herself completely with another Inanna. First, the soul is transferred, then the mind, then the body is reconstructed to look like the other one. If during this time, which lasts for several minutes, one of the two bodies is destroyed, both Inannas perish. If the transfer is completed, the effect is like a two way teleport. Both Inannas must consent, but only the calling party needs access to this power.
System: No roll is necessary, but the expenditure of three Willpower points is.

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